Friday, January 11, 2008

Serenity Tip: Positive Performance

If you're the least bit Type A, you probably are a whiz with to-do lists. You probably already know the joy of getting your tasks down in a list instead of floating around in your head. And if you're Type A you may suffer from something I wrote about recently: That is, the impostor syndrome.

That is, you may not be able to see the progress you're making or the good work you've done today.

Use your listing skills to combat that monkey mind.

Make an accomplishment list

When my inner critic is having a ball tying me up in knots I make a very hokey but useful list. At the end of the day--or any time I forget what I've accomplished--I make a list titled "What I did well today."

Try it, answering these questions:

* What difficult task did you finally start, finish or make progress on?
* What stress were you able to let go of today?
* How did you take care of yourself? Did you take breaks, eat healthily or exercise?
* When were you brave?
* When were you helpful?
* When did you share your joy with someone else?
* When did you act professionally?
* What steps--tiny or large--did you take toward marketing yourself today?

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