Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A survey: Choose the next 30-day challenge

Organization or marketing?

Both are key to serenity: If you can't find things, you can't pay bills, you feel foggy and vague about your work. If you don't market, your business fails.

Both can lend themselves to financial fears and insecurity, which kills serenity.

So what do you prefer? I'll do both; I just want to know which you want me to start with.

Comment below and I'll get started.


Anonymous said...

I'd prefer organizing! I'm trying to come up with some new systems that will help me be more efficient, so this would be something I'd follow.


Anonymous said...

I vote for organizing as well. I sure could use some help in that department. Please include organizing personal stuff, like bills etc.


Erin said...

I'll second organizing! You have to be organized well in order to get the rest of your business functioning smoothly, and that includes marketing, billing, etc.

Plus organization does give you that sense of peace...unlike my husband's office right now.