Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Possible 30-Day Challenge: Recession Survival

Last week, I proposed a 30-day challenge on branding. I'm still gung ho for that, but another also occurred to me.

30-Day Recession Survival Challenge
It seems sometimes like the point is just to get through so you can live to write your dream story another day. And in this economy, with editors not responding, some of us are having to go to our Plan Bs.

This challenge will help you create a Plan B while still being open to continue on the path you're currently on, and will include guest posts from people who have expanded their brand in order to make money in ways they may not considered before--and how that can be a blessing.

So your choices are: Recession Survival Challenge vs. Branding Challenge.

What's your poison?


Unknown said...

Recession survival!

Beth H. said...

I vote for branding, but that's just because it happens to be the aspect of my freelance coaching homework that has my attention just at the moment.

Lanie said...

I think branding because if we brand correctly it will help us beat the recession thereby killing two birds with one stone.

Kim said...

My vote is for recession survival. Like many, I'm refashioning my freelance career in response to the down economy. I'd love to get some tips!