Monday, August 3, 2009

It is decided: Branding Challenge. Send your questions

The votes were tied: Half for a recession survival challenge and half for a branding challenge.

Since I get to be the deciding vote, and send my coaching clients are working at various stages of branding right now, I'm coming down on the side of branding.

So! Send your questions here or email me at heather @

What do you want to know about branding?
What myths have you heard about branding?
What do you hate about it and in what ways do you think it doesn't apply to you?

Let me know and the challenge will start on the 15th.

Photo by Sarah Jane.

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Beth H. said...

There is a debate raging among some writers in the community where I live about branding. Well, ostensibly about branding but more about whether a writer can survive as a generalist, without specializing. My personal hope is that it's one of those false debates--e.g. which do you need more, sunshine or air?--and doesn't really have to do with branding. Your opinion?

How does a generalist approach branding?

What are some examples of brands that worked (and why) and brands that never caught on? Are there common elements?

How is branding different from and/or related to marketing?