Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday's Mantra: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Let's all take a pledge to start the week off on uncomfortable footing. This week's mantra is:

Yay! I feel like coming out of my skin!

In his great blog The More Clients Blog, Robert Middleton makes an excellent point about marketing inside your comfort zone. That is:

Although it seems strange, I've observed that people would much rather do something inside their comfort zone, even if it doesn't work, than to do something outside of their comfort zone, even though it would be much more effective.

Our comfort zones shape our actions. Comfort zones are a set of beliefs and practices that are, well, comfortable. There is no possibility of a breakthrough inside your comfort zone.

Well said. Have a dream client you're afraid to query because you fear the rejection will crush your soul? It seems to me the bigger threat is not an eventual rejection--after all that could give you good justification to head back to that ineffective comfort zone--but actually the feeling of discomfort and that sense of peril that comes when you start to act outside your comfort zone.

I know the feeling well. As I mentioned last week, I was preparing to send a query to a dream market.

Well, I did it.

And they're considering it.

My head hasn't yet caved in, but boy do I want to come out of my skin. If I were a drinking girl, I would have spent the weekend in a drunken stupor. As it was, I had to resist eating everything in my house. It does not feel good. But as Middleton points out, we shouldn't confuse discomfort with error or mishap. This is how it's supposed to feel. If it felt good, I wouldn't be pushing myself.

So choose something you've been avoiding out of fear of discomfort, rally your support system, and get to work on it this week.

I wanna see you sweat over it.

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