Monday, September 29, 2008

Serenity Tips: Links Edition

Clutter, time management, money management, marketing: All a regular part of the business of freelancing. Here are a few of my favorite tips on some of these from around the web. In the future I hope to make these a little more focused.

I wrote last week about how passion has restored my energy and served as a surprising form of self-care. It appears Elaine Appleton Grant had some of the same thoughts. Here are some perhaps surprising tips on improving your writing by switching your writing medium. I especially like "the verb is your adjective." Interesting verbs illuminate reality in a whole new way. Give it a try.

Erica Douglass has a great guest post at the equally great blog Get Rich Slowly about finding more time in your day for the things you want to learn, like finance, decluttering and marketing. Hint: It's not sleep less.

Speaking of sleeping: Cheryl Miller has some great tips for dealing with a bad day. It doesn't have to be the day when an assignment falls through, an editor rejects your carefully crafted idea or when the stock market is about to collapse. It can be simpler than that. Sometimes it's just that being self-employed means we have no limits on our time and our bosses are slave drivers. Here are her tips for recovering from such a day.

Sometimes, though, a bad day at work results from lethargy or lack of energy. Didn't sleep well the night before, too worried about the economy to focus? Try some of Gretchen Rubin's tips for reenergizing yourself and making yourself more productive during tough times.

I know several people have told me that the thing that blocks their serenity the most is a messy, disorganized desk. Well, I'm a neatnik these days--a fact that never ceases to shock my mother, who regularly forced me to clear a path from my door to my bed in high school. Still, if you need to get started on something--decluttering in this case, but it can apply to other tough endeavors as well--consider Unclutterer's gentle but organized approach to getting started on decluttering.

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