Friday, March 14, 2008

Mantra Check-in: So How'd You Do?

This week's mantra was:

I love my job and I don't have to suffer to achieve my dreams.

How'd you do with it?

I have to say that, ironically, I struggled mightily with it. This week is the culmination of one of the most abundant periods in my freelance life so far. But I also notice I feel run-down and, by yesterday morning, I woke up dreading everything I had in front of me for the day. Not surprisingly, I needed get everything done off my to-do list.

Today I woke up with a new motivation. An addendum to this mantra might be:

I accept that struggling has never made my work better.

Desperation is another matter. Sometimes I have to be desperate--for serenity, work, money, etc.--to be willing to make the changes necessary to my behavior.

So my intention for the day is just to notice the joy I get in my work. I'm likely to enjoy it more that way--and, I'm hoping, struggle less.

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