Thursday, March 20, 2008

More on Managing Serenity During Recession

If you haven't seen it already, Erik Sherman has a very smart post about how to adjust your work worldview during a recession.

What I think is most helpful about his suggestions, which include marketing more, being less picky about projects and looking for clients that are financially stable, is that the focus is on what you can control--not what is happening out there in the world that you can't control.

We can't control our clients' work flow (when they can assign a project, for example.)

We can't control our clients' cashflow--but we can do our best to seek out clients that seem stable.

We can't control--or even really know--what pressure our clients are getting from higher-ups.

That's not our job. Our job is to make their jobs easier by being professional, upfront and enthusiastic about what we can control: the work in front of us.

It's that old 1 percent rule again.

What can you focus on today that's in your control and possible today?

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