Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Serenity Tip: Maximizing your Five-Minute Break

Las week I wrote about setting a timer and taking five minutes to stretch your body to keep yourself from suffering workplace injuries.

Well an eagle-eyed reader passed on a way to get the most out of that five minute break:

Cheryl Miller's Sit and Get Fit E-Course

The term "e-course" makes it sound fancier than it is. Basically, it's 21-days of progressive stretches, strengthening and exercise that can be done in five minutes at your desk.

So if you were daunted by the fancy yoga exercises I proposed in my post on taking a break, or if you want the support of a daily email, check it out and sign up. Already it's teaching deep breathing techniques and ways to loosen tight muscles.

Subscribe. Save the email. And when that timer dings, pull out the emails and follow along. It's fast, simple and really helpful.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cheryl here. Thanks for the call out about my Sit and Get Fit ecourse. One of my favorite parts of the program is the goofy fun stuff I've linked to to keep people happy and laughing.

Keep up the good serenity work. Cheryl Miller, Mayor of the Ville