Monday, January 12, 2009

Organizing Redux: Clutter Class

You may recall during last year's 30-Day Organizing Challenge that life coach and author Alison Marks shared her means of corralling paper clutter. Creating a system, she said, was the way to keep your paper in check.

If that whet your appetite for clutter management, consider this: She's offering a telephone course called From Clutter to Order in Eight Weeks, which is also the name of the workbook and CD she's created on the subject. In the class, she'll offer homework assignments, clear steps to address your overwhelm and a means to freedom from all your stuff. Plus, she'll be available for individual consultation between lessons.

And for readers of Serenity for the Self-Employed, she's throwing in a bonus: Say you found out about her class through this blog, and she'll take 10 percent off the cost. That means $30 off the standard price of $295 and $50 off the premium price of $495.

Here's the PayPal link to get the discount on the Standard class:

Here's the PayPal link to get the discount on the Premium class:

Full disclosure: I receive no payment for this posting. I think it might be helpful to readers. Happy organizing!

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