Monday, February 16, 2009

30-Day Marketing Challenge: Wrap Up

It's that time, you guys. This challenge has been great for my business, and my serenity. I hope it has been for you, too. Tomorrow I'll ask you to choose the next 30-day challenge, so start thinking.

In the meantime, here's what we accomplished and covered this month:

Terms of Engagement: A new challenge, a new approach

What Yogic Philosophy Tells Us About Marketing: Approaching marketing with an eye on nongrasping and serenity

Should You Care About Money?
New freelancers often feel they should work for passion, not money. Here's earning money can help your craft

Establishing a Marketing Bottom Line: How often do you query? Have a plan

Contract Bottom Lines: What types of terms are you willing to agree to. Know before you sign

Little and often: A way to fit querying into a busy schedule

The Perils of Self-Promotion, Part 1
: Why it's not rude to promote yourself

The Perils of Self-Promotion, Part 2: Guest blogger Kristen Fischer tackles the question of promotion vs. being discovered

Creating a Marketing Plan that Works
: A teleseminar on marketing plans

Fear of the Query Interview: Debunking the top three fears of interviewing sources for queries

Streamlining the Query Interview: Three ways to make query interviews efficient, effective and respectful of all involved

Surviving Editor Silence: Five ways to cope with editor silence

Query Rejections and the Economy
: Rejection always suck, but right now they can be scarier. Here's how to recover and keep marketing

Saturday Bonus Bloglink Edition
: Tips for great queries; working for free; rejiggering your marketing when you get unsatisfactory results; take a vow of marketing stability

The Power of Persistence
: Guest blogger Damon Brown shares how he kept querying for four years to break into his target market

Juggling Marketing and Motherhood: Guest blogger Sara Aase shares how she fits marketing into half-time business and full-time motherhood

Fear Not the Cold Pitch: Guest blogger Jeanine Barone explains why she loves querying

Crafting Bull's Eye Queries
: Guest blogger Bridget Mintz Testa explains the process of drafting queries that get a 40 percent success rate

Jumping into Social Media Marketing
: Q&A with Jenny Cromie on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Saturday Bloglink Edition, Now with Extra Twittering: Follow me on Twitter; some rules for tweeting; rating your Web site for effective marketing; tackling procrastination; treating marketing like throwing a ball

Write Once, Sell Twice (or More): Guest blogger Kelly James-Enger shares the fundamentals of reprints

Organizing Story Ideas: Four ways to keep story ideas organized and off your desk

Get Yourself Connected
: Building a strong network

Web Site Essentials: Q&A with web designer Tracey Kazimir-Cree on what writers should include and avoid in creating their Web sites

Breaking into Corporate Writing: Fundamentals of landing corporate clients, with Susan Weiner

What's Stopping You? If the economy is warping your querying toward sure bets, read this.

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