Monday, February 23, 2009

Next Challenge: Financial Stability

It looks like it's unanimous: We'll have a financial stability challenge, starting March 1.

Before we start, I want your quandries:

What stymies you most about finances? What stresses you out the most about the financial side of the freelance life? If you could have a personal sit-down with a financial planner, what three questions would you ask? What bigger topics do you want to see covered? Cash, credit, taxes, cashflow, savings, etc? What are your top areas?

Please respond here, or if you'd rather not have your questions logged publicly, please email me at heather at heatherboerner dot com.

Looking forward to getting it started!
Photo by luismi1985.

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Lorelei said...

I'd say my least favorite aspect of being a freelancer, financially, is the unpreditability about when and how much I'm getting paid. It makes it hard to do regular IRA and savings contributions, which I would like to do automatically so that I can't forget about it. For this reason, I also dislike automatic payment schemes, and in fact my health insurance penalizes me $1 a month for not using theirs. (But it's still cheaper than their bounced check fee, so they make extra money either way.) I try to get around this by being very, very organized about my financials.