Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Choose the Next 30-Day Challenge

I hated to end the marketing challenge--and even considered extending it--but decided to stick to the plan. After this challenge, I may do another marketing challenge. So I ask you, readers, what you'd most like to see the next challenge cover:

ECONOMIC STABILITY: Taxes, cashflow, managing fears and strategies for a tough economy, making money quick, etc.

PASSION: Reigniting your passion for the business, tips for improving your writing and reporting, and tips for expressing yourself a little better.

LETTING GO: We focus a lot on what we can control here, but what's harder is letting go of the economy, the kids, our clients and the future, none of which we can control.

What say you? Vote in the comments. Have another idea? Share it in the comments, too!

Photo by CoreForce.


viridescence said...

I'm going to vote for Economic Stability, although they're definitely all worthwhile topics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather--I loved the marketing challenge and got so much inspiration from it! I'll follow whichever topic is chosen....economic stability is intriguing but I like the passion idea as well.